Hairy Elephant

PSM_V16_D813_The_mammoth_or_hairy_elephantThe Hairy Elephant is a fuzz based on a very similarly named pedal. Its controls are: Volume, Tone, Hair, and Pinch. I built it in search of that buzzed out, right in your face, can’t be ignored, fuzz sound à la QOTSA or Jack White on Lazaretto. It gets pretty close, and can almost sound like a torn speaker. There’s heaps of bottom end (works well on bass too apparently), and with the ‘Tone’ cranked there seems to be more top end than my Fuzz Factory too. The ‘Hair’ knob controls the amount of fuzz, and ‘Pinch’ lets you get that gated chop – and can go from very aggressive sounding single notes to that 8-bit gated sound.

I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.

They sound great, and I think my builds are getting neater.


I built two of them simultaneously (based on this layout). I prepared, populated and soldered both boards, drilled holes in both the enclosures, added all the off-board stuff (pots, jacks, foot-switch, LED, etc…), wired them both up, and finished them off with a nice sticker for the bottom. It wasn’t really much more work than just building one. Maybe what I’ll do in the future to try and fund this DIY addiction, is build two of everything and chuck the second one up on eBay. Both of these pedals are accounted for this time though: one for me, and one for the other guitarist in my band, Mitch.