Fuzz Factory clone #2

ffBecause I love my first Fuzz Factory clone so much, I decided to make another one. The aim of this build was to be a lot neater and to make it as sturdy as I can so that it is more “gig ready“. It’s gotta handle touring and having beer spilled on it. I used the Madbean Zombii v5 PCB rather than Vero this time, and put it in the same size enclosure that the original Z. Vex ones come in. I scored a couple of NKT-275 Transistors from the guy who etched the board for me (I haven’t got the gear for that), and they sound great. They seem to be a lot smoother than the AC128’s in my other build.

This is probably my favourite pedal so far, and it lives happily on my gigging pedal board.


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