Stabbed with a Screwdriver

Remember that time I stabbed myself in the hand with a screwdriver a couple of weeks before my band went on tour? I do…


Here’s how it happened:

In my left hand I gripped a guitar pedal, and in my right hand I held a Philips-head screwdriver. I was attempting to loosen a particularly tight screw. While I was firmly twisting, the screwdriver slipped and smashed itself deep into the palm of my left hand.

IMG_4557 - CopyI had given myself a stab wound.
It was painful
I dripped blood on the floor.
I went pale. I had to lie down.

After removing the screwdriver, cleaning the wound and applying a bandage, things started to get better. For a while I couldn’t move my thumb much, but after a few weeks it start to heal nicely.

Now, it’s all healed up and I have a little scar in the shape of a Philips-head screw on my hand. A badge of honour I’ve earned from building pedals and a reminder to be more careful and to not be a dickhead.

It wasn’t quite as extreme as the screwdriver wounds inflicted in this music video from Melbourne band Batpiss though…

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