MI Audio Crunch Box Repair

I’m often looking for bargains on eBay. It’s a bad habit, but sometimes you find some good stuff. The other day I managed to pick up a broken, second-hand Crunch Box made by a great Aussie company: MI Audio. I won the auction for a great price – I just hoped I could actually fix it and get it working again…

When I got it in the mail, I plugged it in only to find that it makes a loud hum, and it didn’t matter if it was bypassed or not. To me this says that something is not earthed. I poked around inside with my multimeter, found and fixed the dodgy connection  – and now I have a fully working Crunch Box! It’s version 2.1, the board is labelled 2006, and the label on the back is dated 4th of August, 2008.

sdf (5)

These things are really cool. On their website, MI Audio say that this pedal  is their “…take on high gain British amp distortion. Careful multiple clipping architecture design and development has meant we have achieved our goal of creating a pedal which captures the huge crunch of a Marshall on steroids…” It’s a perfect description, because that’s exactly how it sounds.

sdf (3) sdf (4) photo 3


The original plan was to buy it, fix it and sell it… but it sounds so awesome that I might just keep it…


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