If you’re messing around with circuits, sooner or later you’re going to need a breadboard.

I got the idea for this breadboard after seeing The Amazing Beavis Board. Mine isn’t quite as impressive or fully featured, but it does the job. It has input and output jacks for your guitar and amp, a switch to bypass or engage the effect, and it can be powered by a 9v battery or a DC adapter. It’s like an inside-out guitar pedal.

photo 1

The whole things is built on an actual wooden breadboard, everything else you can buy at Jaycar for next to nothing. The little plastic breakout box has a “4 Way Push Speaker Connector” screwed to the side of it to connect the breakout box to the breadboard. Along the top I have a strip of connectors where I can attach pots, switches and other things that can’t go in the breadboard. The battery clip was salvaged from a flat 9v battery and then nailed and hot glued to the board. I bought the actual plastic breadboard form eBay for a few dollars, it’s held down by some double sided tape.

photo 2

Inside the box, you can see the input and output jacks, a bypass switch and the power input. It can be powered by a normal 2.1mm jack or a 9v battery clip – both protected by a diode.

photo 3

It’s a simple design and it works well.

Beavis Audio have a bunch of breadboard project you can try out here:


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