Mini Amp

My computer’s power-supply blew up. This kinda sucked because I had to buy a new one, but every cloud had a silver lining, right? Well, the bright side of this conundrum was that I scored a cool enclosure, a bunch of molex connectors and a random assortment of resistors, capacitors and other things that I could possibly use to make guitar stuff with!

The first thing that I though of was to build a little guitar amp in the enclosure. The “Noisy Cricket” amp by Beavis Audio would be the perfect fit. It’s a little amp that runs on between 9v-18v and puts out a massive 1w of power. Running at 9v, this little guy can easily run a 4×12 cab. I used this vero layout from Sabrotone.

The first thing to do was to prepare the enclosure. I drilled holes for the front panel: Volume Knob, Tone Knob, Gain Knob, Bass Switch, Grit Switch, Power Switch, Input Jack and a few LEDs. The back panel has a: Power Jack, External Speaker Jack and a switch to toggle between the internal speaker or the external speaker.


captionphoto 2

Once I finished drilling the enclosure and building the circuit, it was time to piece it all together. I’m not the neatest with my wiring, some are a little long and could do with a fewcable ties, but it all works fine.


There is a tiny bit of vero to the left with one little IC on it – that is a “Sound to Light” circuit. It takes an input and flashes LEDs in time with the sound. I just added this because it looks cool. You can find the layout for “Sound to Light” here.

This little amp sounds great and is surprisingly loud through my quadbox!


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