The “AND OR” Box

An ABY Box lets you toggle you guitar between two outputs, or run both outputs at the same time. I call this one my “AND OR Box” as a nerdy reference to binary logic gates. I used this at a few gigs to change between two amps – a Fender Twin Reverb for nice cleans and an Orange for a nice overdrive. Although it sounds great and it’s heaps of fun, bringing two amps to gigs gets old quickly.

This box works without power – the battery is only there to power the lights. The two outside lights indicate which output is active. You can toggle between outputs by stomping the OR foot-switch. When the AND foot-switch is stomped, the middle light goes on and both outputs are active. The outside lights still work, and will let you know which side you’ll go back to when you stomp AND again. I’ve also added a ground-lift switch on one of the outputs, just in-case there is any hum – make sure Output 2 is made out of plastic for the ground-lift to work!

Here is a layout I created for it:



Here is the finished product:

photo 1 photo 2 

Here is a guts shot:



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