Lush Chorus

After I finished building my Rebote Delay, I had nine PT2399 ICs spare. Nine. This is because I had to order them in lots of ten, when I really only needed one. So, I started looking around for another project that used this chip and I found a project called the “One Chip Chorus“. Perfect.

The project was designed by a cool guy called James (aka: anchovie) over at DIY Stomp Boxes. You can read the thread here. This DIY Stomp Boxes forum was proving to be an awesome resource filled with a bunch of really helpful dudes. Anyway, anchovie set himself the challenge to build a chorus only using one PT2399 IC – maybe he had a few spare ones sitting around like I had?

In March 2012, I started building the “One Chip Chorus“, which I called the “Lush Chorus

One Chip Chorus

I made a few changes:

  • R3: Changed to 470kΩ to make the chorus sound louder to match the bypassed volume
  • R13: 100kΩ
  • C12: Changed to 10nF. The lower this is, the brighter the chorus will sound.
  • C13: This is not indicated on the layout, but it’s supposed to be 10nF
  • D1: replaced with a 1N4148 because I didn’t have a 1N9414

Here is the finished product:

IMG_3976  IMG_3842

It’s a subtle chorus, you can’t get those crazy wild swirly sounds from it, but really quite nice.

Now I only have eight PT2399 ICs to use…

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