DOD 440 Envelope Filter Clone

IMG_4116Ever since first hearing Jonny Greenwood’s guitar in Paranoid Android, I knew I wanted one of these – before I even knew what it was. After doing a bit of research at, it turns out that Jonny used a Mutronics Mutator on the recording, but live he uses a DOD 440. According to, the DOD 440 was first made in about 1977 and stopped production in about 1981. I think it was reissued briefly in 1996.

Original versions are hard to come by, and when they do pop up on eBay they are around the $200+ mark. So, in the spirit of DIY, I decided to try and make one myself, just so I could play Paranoid Android all day long.

I found a great vero layout made by reneshelle over at based on the schematic at GGG.

DOD 440

The hardest part was tracking down the right optocoupler: the VTL5C4/2. Once I found one, I could start the build. I substituted R12 for a 470kΩ and I used a TL072 for the op-amp.


When playing at low volumes by yourself, there seems to be a little bit of distortion or noise following the envelope, but this is very quiet and defiantly not noticeable in a band situation.

I use this pedal live, and I used it on my bands second EP, which will be out later this year.

I completed this build in May 2012. Here’s the guts shot:


In late 2013 DOD re-issued their Overdrive Preamp 250 and the Phasor 201, so I’m kinda hoping that the next one they bring back is the Envelope Filter 440!


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