Boss TR-2 Tremolo Mods

The Boss TR-2 Tremolo is an awesome pedal, but can benefit from a couple of simple mods.

Blink Mod

This is a pretty simple mod – it only requires 3 components.

  1. 10kΩ resistor
  2. 47kΩ resistor
  3. 2N4401 transistor (or NTE123AP or any 5088 variety)

photo 3

Solder the two outer legs of your transistor to the little LED board so that the C leg is where the orange wire goes, and the E leg is where the green wire goes.

Bend the B leg (the middle one) out the other way, and solder the 10kΩ resistor to it. Then solder the other end of the 10kΩ resistor to where the E leg is.

Now, solder the 47kΩ resistor into the R37 hole and connect it to the middle leg of the transistor. You can see how I’ve done this with the white wire in the pictures.

photo 4

Now the LED should flash in time with the Rate knob. Simple as that!

Volume Drop Mod

When the effect is engaged, the overall volume can seem quieter to our ears because it’s being turned up and down repeatedly. The effect signal is only at unity gain once every cycle, all other times, it’s quieter – giving the impression that the effect is quieter overall than the bypassed sound. This can be compensated for by making the effect output louder. To do this, I replaced R9 (which was 10kΩ) with a 10kΩ Trim Pot – the lower the value the louder the output. Then you just adjust to taste.

You can see the trim pot in the picture above, just above the word “TAIWAN” on the board.

There we go, two simple mods for the TR-2!


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