BBE Sonic Stomp Clone

The BBE Sonic Maximiser has always been a little bit voodoo-ish, a fancy effect that somehow makes things sound better. Some people love them and use them as their secret weapon, and others think they are completely unnecessary. BBE put out a version in stomp-box format for guitarists called the ‘Sonic Stomp‘, and it sounds great on acoustic guitar. It just seems to add that little bit of extra body and clarity to the sound. I was playing a lot of solo acoustic gigs, so I thought it would be cool to have a go at making one.

The chip inside the BBE Sonic Stomp (NJM2150AD) is hard to get and is probably proprietary (?), so I don’t think you can just buy one from the local electronics shop. This makes it kinda tricky to clone, but a guy named Bajaman over at was repairing one, and managed to design and build a replacement using easily obtainable TL071, TL072, and TL074 ICs. You can read the thread here.

Harold at Sabro Tone did a Vero layout of it here, so in about October 2011 started making my BBE Sonic Stomp clone.


Below is the populated board, and the project in a nice bright red (just like the real Sonic Stomp) 1590BB enclosure I ordered from Mammoth Electronics.

IMG_3210 IMG_3308 IMG_3774

I am really happy with how this turned out, it sounds awesome on my acoustic guitar.


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