Fulltone OCD Clone

This Fulltone OCD clone was my first pedal build, back in September 2011.

Until then, I’d only really dabbled in electronics, so this was my first ‘real’ DIY guitar effects project. I decided to build it on Vero Board, because I didn’t really want to get into etching. It’s too much mucking around with chemicals and stuff, and Vero is cheap, quick and easy to get started. There’s a huge online community of people using Vero and sharing Vero layouts, which is a great help.

Here is the layout I used for my OCD: http://www.sabrotone.com/?p=326
I tried the TL082 and the TL072, but in the end I preferred the sound of the TL082.


Here is the finished product. I didn’t really mount the board, but it is in there very firmly with a bit of foam packing – it can’t move. I ordered the enclosure, pre-drilled and painted form Mammoth Electronics. I might get around to doing some artwork on it one day, or maybe I’ll just use the trusty old label maker…
IMG_3251 IMG_3252

I ended up buying a real OCD in 2012, and I’m happy to say that although my build quality might not as high as at Fulltone, my OCD holds it’s own sound-wise.

After successfully finishing this pedal, I became hooked on DIY…
I’ll post some more of my builds soon…


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